About Us

About Threefold Training Center

Threefold Training Center is a progressive learning center focused on imparting the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through training in seminars based on integrity and ethics in daily life, work and community.

Threefold Training Center offers educational opportunities for personal growth, workplace innovation and organization development, and community involvement. We believe in a holistic approach of spirit, mind and body through the practical application of myriad teachings that lay the foundation for a successful life.*

Threefold Training Center also offers small businesses and nonprofit organizations an opportunity to concentrate on their missions by assuming multiple administrative and operational roles. Our principals have extensive workplace experience in the realms of finance, organization development, and statistical planning and funding. We encourage you to give us a call to help you through an in-depth analysis of your organizational needs. The majority of the services we provide can be paid for through multiple grants and funding streams which we can make available to you at no cost.


Preparing people to stand strong in the face of adversity and to strengthen their convictions by helping them identify their personal values and clarifying their beliefs. Opportunities for personal growth include family, relationships, and personal ministry to live a life without guile, without compromise, without hypocrisy, and without wavering.

Work –

Teaching employees to maintain their convictions in the midst of difficult circumstances, training people to lead America’s businesses, and providing individuals the skills they need to succeed in business from management, operational and financial perspectives.

Community –

Teaching citizens how to serve their communities through volunteer activities, work through service organizations, reaching out to those in need, and imparting the importance of electing Godly officials…or the consequences of living with ungodly ones.

Who Needs to Attend Threefold Center?

  • Employers who want to operate ethical businesses through excellent organization practices
  • Business Owners who need proven organizational advice
  • Executive Directors of non-profits who need direction
  • Pastors & Ministers who need an outsourced discipleship program
  • Employees who need help with work related issues
  • Volunteers who desire to really help the organizations they serve
  • Anyone who is determined to maintain his or her convictions in a world driven by compromise!

Our Team

Carol WheatleyRev. Carol Wheatley – When first meeting the driving force of  Three Fold Training, who also established Power In The Workplace Ministries back in 1994, it may catch someone off-guard that they are speaking with a $100 million expert.  And yet, Rev. Carol Wheatley, with her unassuming manner,  is an Organization Development and Grant Consultant who specializes in program design including strategic and tactical implementation plans. She has significant experience developing training programs focused on business and workplace ethics, leadership optimization, organization excellence, and government compliance issues. With over 30 years grant and proposal writing experience, her specific government experience includes proposals and grants for the Department of Defense, Department of Labor, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Commerce, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and state and local initiatives. She has an ability to create responsive and compelling government proposals and grants has won tens of millions of dollars for clients. Carol is a polished presenter, trainer and business mentor.

160x240-Laruie-WilliamsRev. Laura Wallace – Laura Wallace is a minister and CPA using her front-line leadership skills and timely insights from God’s Word to advance the Kingdom of God from both a spiritual and business perspective.   Her formal Bible training is from Rhema Bible Training Center and with over 25 years of business consulting, accounting and leadership experience, Laura also provides the natural tools needed for successful business and ministry organization, planning and development.  Her established faith coupled with her ability to resolve practical issues, empowering others as part of the solutions has made her a valued resource to both non-profit and for-profit corporations. Laura, founder of Missions: America and Beyond, lives in Melbourne, FL and is blessed to be the mother of one son, Kwame.